Before I started making candles, I didn't realize there was a list of "best practices" for burning a candle in order to get the best scent throw, the cleanest burn, and a long candle life. Since the start of Wicked Pop, I've been perfecting the burn of my candles. Follow these tips to get the best experience from your soy candle.

There are two very important factors in getting a smooth, clean burn from your soy candle.


During the first burn of your candle, be sure to let the "melt pool" reach all the way to the sides of the candle jar so that there is an entire layer of melted wax on top. This will help the candle create a "memory" so that it will burn evenly throughout the life of the candle. I personally recommend that for best results, you burn it to the edge during each burn. 

The second crucial part of burning a candle, is cutting the wick down before EACH burn to roughly 1/4". You can do this by either pinching it off with your fingers or using scissors if you do not have a candle wick cutter. You will get a lot of carbon built up in your jar and pieces of the wick will begin to fall into the candle wax if you do not do this. 


A few other tips include:

  • Keep your candle away from drafts when lit.

  • Burn for 3-4 hours at a time, do not burn for too long. 

  • Do not leave burning candle unattended.

  • Stop burning when the wax has reached about 1/2" from the bottom.

  • Recycle the jar by putting the jar with the last bit of wax into the freezer. Use a butter knife once frozen to remove wax and wash.